Our BIODESCONTAMINATION service is oriented to a wide variety of sectors and industries, including hospitals, clean rooms, pharmaceutical laboratories, animal facilities, research laboratories, food and beverage industries, as well as the emergency and transportation sectors.

prove, do, experiment, test, education, Chemist, tool


Operating rooms, ICUs, isolation rooms, etc.

Intuitive, sensing, science, discovery, innovation, wisdom, knowledge

Clean rooms in pharmacies, medical devices

and research laboratories.

science, prove, experiment, giving, result, effect, apple

Food production and packaging, fermentation rooms,

processing equipment, etc.

Microscope, science, experiment, chemist, education, medical

Tissue culture labs, blood banks, etc.

science, research, coronavirus, medical, pandemic, bacteria

Ambulances, helicopters or medical airplanes.

science, research, Animal, medical, experiment, rat, vaccine

Animal facilities and experimental centers.