Food handling is subject to complex and demanding legislation that requires a high degree of specialization, experience and dedication.

The official control of food in Europe is carried out by certified veterinarians. Our company has a multidisciplinary team formed by four university graduates in veterinary medicine and three biologists specializing in quality control and food safetyThis is the only way we can offer the best quality control and food safety service to our customers, employing the best professionals.

We provide the necessary tools to comply with legislation and go one step further in the control of quality and food safety, our service provides the close and immediate support necessary to comply with all legislation and work properly.

We offer our customers the peace of mind that comes from being perfectly advised in the event of any inspection or complaint, integrating our staff into your organization and creating a food safety management system for your company that, in addition to simplifying the work, is a guarantee for consumers and Official Authorities: our unique Food Safety and Quality Control system. veriSEG® – safe food.

Sanitary audits and HACCP. VERISEG - Safe food

We implement, in the management of our clients, a rigorous system of Quality Control and Food Safety whose compliance allows us to obtain the veriSEG certificate.

Our unique veriSEG® – safe food quality control and food safety system is tailored to suit each customer’s products and needs. It includes all the control steps that must be verified in a modern and professional system.


Our system integrates with any Certification required by the company: Global GAP, IFS, BRC, ISO 22000, 9001, 14001, SAE, COPAE, Alimentos del Paraíso, etc. and, of course, integrates all the compliance with the European and Spanish legislation applicable to each food sector of our client.

You will always have a trained and experienced university professional at your disposal to advise and defend you in any situation. In addition, you will have the full support of a team of 7 professionals at your disposal, led by your regular consultant.

Sanitary Registration and new activities

Only with a global and detailed vision of all the available means and how to integrate them will it be possible to offer a health service in accordance with the needs of the clients or users.

Integration, quality management and food safety, training, information and prevention are concepts that everyone recognizes as necessary, but their knowledge and development requires the collaboration of specialized personnel.

We offer the necessary tools to respond to the needs and bring together all the necessary actions that lead to the creation of a real integral plan of quality and food safety.

Agri-food laboratory

The perfect complement to our activity as auditors and consultants is a modern laboratory that we make available to food industries that has the most modern technology to carry out the most common tests of food, water and beverages.



Quality Systems Implementation Consulting

Do not let the final Certification Entity show your colors with non-conformities due to the lack of rigor and experience of any low cost consultancy, we offer you professionals with more than enough experience and capacity to interpret the dangers and the adequate control measures for your activity.

On the other hand, don’t let any certification auditor question your working methods either, entrust the drafting of YOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to our team of experienced consultant-auditors who together will design your system in a real and stable way and with the resources of time and dedication necessary to succeed.

If you want to implement a quality management system based on Global GAP, BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, 9001, 14001, SAE, COPAE or Alimentos del Paraíso standards, call us without obligation for an initial assessment.