Quality Systems

Implementing a system based on “cut and paste” reduces costs, but hampers the company’s quality management for years. Our consultants are highly experienced and the service we offer is fully customized to the needs of each food sector and client’s activity.

In order to achieve a work system that is well adapted to the standard and as atraumatic as possible, it is necessary that our consultants have a good knowledge of your activity and work practices. This can only be achieved by dedicating resources to consultancy work, the necessary resources are nothing more than the time of our consultants to adapt the standard to their activity so that not only the certification is successfully passed, but that the usual day-to-day work is not hindered by poor integration and adaptation to their reality. We spare no effort in this aspect, nor do we implement “cut and paste” systems that are a harmful legacy for the management of your own activity.

In the food sector, as a food industry operator, you are concerned about the safety of the food you process, manufacture, package, sell, store or distribute. As the introduction of food safety hazards can occur at any point in the food chain, proper control throughout the food chain is essential.

International standards specify requirements for a food safety management system that combines the following generally recognized key elements to ensure the safety of food or packaging throughout the food chain, up to the point of final consumption.

Design of your project

The knowledge of the processes and hazards that take place in a food industry comes from our daily business activity as advisors and consultants to companies. Our work is ONLY carried out by trained and experienced SPECIALISTS. The control of food safety and innocuousness, our staff has the appropriate and complete training and education to know the whole technical process of food safety management. For the design of the quality management systems we implement, we have qualified personnel as system auditors, combining their knowledge of the standards with our technical experience in food safety management.

Do not let the final Certification Entity to take your colors with non-conformities due to the lack of rigor and experience of any consultant, look for professionals with the ability to interpret the hazards and appropriate control measures. On the other hand, don’t let any certification auditor question your working methods either, entrust the drafting of YOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to our team of experienced veterinarians and auditor-consultants who together will design your system in a real and stable way.

If you want to implement a quality management system based on the Global GAP, BRC, IFS, ISO 22000, 9001, 14001, SAE, COPAE or Alimentos del Paraíso standards, call us without obligation for an initial assessment.


At euroLAB we actively collaborate with our clients in the preparation of the supervision of the establishment by the certification bodies.

We also offer accompaniment during the audit in the industry or establishment, advising the client during the development of the audit, as well as preparing and implementing the appropriate corrective actions to solve the possible incidences detected.