Since January 2012, we routinely use in our agri-food laboratory for the determination of microorganisms, relegating the classical microbiology by plate incubation to the minimum role required by legislation or specific ISO standards that require it.

The safety and speed offered by PCR make it the standard that our customers deserve and gives us the differentiation we seek from other food laboratories that still focus their services on the classic microbiology of plate culture and incubation.

Our portfolio of laboratory services is broad:

  • Microbiological analysis of food, water and beverages.
  • Microbiological analysis of Legionella in water and environment.
  • Physicochemical composition of food, water and beverages.
  • Nutritional composition of foods and beverages.
  • Detection of allergens and contaminants in food, water and beverages.
  • Product shelf life analysis
  • Microbiological analysis of ambient air samples

Our laboratory is one more tool to support our activity as consultants and auditors. It is a tradition for other agri-food laboratories to offer their clients a large number of analyses of products, personnel and environments, but… have you ever stopped to think if so many analyses are necessary, are the analyses made in the worst scenario to see your risks clearly or are they made to give good results and give you a false sense of security?

Let our auditors advise you and we will make you a sensible and real sampling plan, which does not respond to economic interests but to a well-designed planning and prevention and which is made to the satisfaction of the Official Veterinary Services of Public Health.

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We have all the legally required certifications for all our activity, since 2011 we are certified by AENOR in ISO 9001 with certificate number ER-0446/2011.