The design of the service is fully adapted to the infrastructures and usual problems of each hospital and aims not only to prevent the occurrence of biosafety incidents, but also to provide a rapid and professional response in the event that they occur or there is suspicion of contamination.

The process is completely turnkey and simple, as explained below.

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You tell us your needs… from a single operating room, ICU box or room… to a surgical block or ICUs in their entirety.

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We evaluate your facilities: plans, layout, dimensions, air conditioning, materials, etc.

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We will provide you with a technical-economic offer with a schedule of estimated execution times.

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After acceptance, our technical specialists will proceed to biodecontamination as soon as possible. Eurolab is characterized by fast and individualized service.

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The process is doubly validated with chemical and microbiological indicators. The microbiological indicators support an excess concentration (> log 6 ) of Geobacillus Sthearotermophillus spores, which puts us in the worst case that could be present inside the room. This species is very resistant to sterilization processes and high temperatures (121 ºC). In addition, and to avoid waiting for incubation, chemical indicators are also used, which allow us to know at the time if the biodecontamination has been effective and thus be able to make decisions about opening or closing the affected area.

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Within 7 days you will have the final report in digital format, with the quality guarantee offered by Eurolab.