euroLAB is a group of companies dedicated to providing services in the agri-food and biosafety sector with the best quality and the best available resources. These services are provided through the companies euroLAB Bioconsulting S.L. and euroLAB Alimentaria S.L., which share activities and industrial address.

euroLAB Bioconsulting is mainly dedicated to biosafety, specializing in the inspection of indoor environmental quality and validation of hospital critical areas and clean rooms or controlled environment, as well as in the decontamination of hospital critical areas, controlled environment spaces and enclosed areas. In turn, euroLAB Bioconsulting also carries out hygienic-sanitary audits in the food and health sector.

euroLAB Alimentaria is specifically dedicated to the agri-food sector, performing hygienic-sanitary audits as well as physicochemical and microbiological analyses in its own laboratory. The euroLAB Alimentaria laboratory performs analyses of food, water and beverages, surfaces, handlers and environments. Legionella analyses are also performed in water for the prevention and control of legionellosis.

Both companies aim to transmit to our clients seriousness, professionalism, agility and dedication, which are the basic pillars on which the euroLAB group is based. Priority is given to individualized attention and personal dedication because euroLAB understands that each client has specific needs and our duty is to adapt to them, in order to provide the best possible service in each of our lines of business.

In turn, and for this to work, the euroLAB group believes that it needs to look after its greatest asset, its employees. To this end, we understand that our staff needs attention, respect and care, always favoring companionship, teamwork with generosity and assuming responsibilities, both on the part of the workers, as well as on the part of the group’s management.

These commitments are implemented and supported by the Quality Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 standard established in the company, whose document base defines the mechanisms used in the different services provided by the euroLAB group, guaranteeing the technical competence, impartiality and confidentiality of both the laboratory and the biosafety activities and the hygiene-sanitary audit service, always orienting these services towards maximum customer satisfaction without forgetting compliance with the corresponding legal and regulatory requirements. All this is complemented by the different tools established to achieve Continuous Improvement every year, ensuring that the best possible service is offered to our customers.

All this, in addition, helps to achieve the company’s essential objectives:

  • To be the reference in agri-food consulting and auditing in Asturias, giving value to our personalized approach and adapted to the specific circumstances of each of our clients, compared to competitors whose service is more automatic and generic.
  • To grow gradually in the field of biosecurity at the state level and gradually incorporate new services in response to market demand, monitoring new opportunities and reducing the current risk based on dependence on large regional clients.

And, to demonstrate the euroLAB group’s commitment, this Quality Policy is supported by the Management and shared by all our employees. You can access the original file by clicking here QUALITY-POLICY-POLICY-2019