In the process of validation of operating rooms and critical areas in hospitals conformities must be submitted based on the RITE contained in Royal Decrees 1027/2007, of July 20, approving the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings and Royal Decree 238/2013, of April 5, amending certain articles and technical instructions of the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings, approved by Royal Decree 1027/2007, of July 20. Likewise, the following standards must be followed: Standard UNE 100713, Standard UNE EN ISO 14644 and Standard UNE 171340.

This process involves a series of tasks that involve the verification of all relevant aspects through observation by the technician.The aspects to be quantified will be clearly stated on the basis of UNE 100713, UNE EN ISO 14644 and UNE 171340 standards, where the methodology necessary to carry out the measurements and tests is included.

We have the technology to carry out the tests, as well as the personnel qualified as TSCAI (Superior Technician of Indoor Air Quality) by FEDECAI.


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The validation of critical areas in hospitals is a legal requirement and is of vital importance to minimize nosocomial infections.

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We have qualified personnel and the best equipment to carry out these works.

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