Our technology

We use state-of-the-art hydrogen peroxide in vapor form HPV-AQ at 35 % concentration (registered as a virucide product authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Health with Registration Number 17-20/40/90-08737) to ensure maximum efficacy that has proven effective in reducing biological contaminants below detectable levels for the most resistant microorganisms. It is the only method that allows achieving a log 6 reduction of Bacillus stearothermophilus and Clostridium difficile; the other systems do not ensure it: 8% aerosolized peroxide, formaldehyde, ozone, ultraviolet light…

The effectiveness of a biodecontamination or sterilization process is usually expressed in probabilistic terms since it is impossible to be certain that 100% of the microorganisms are destroyed. Our method achieves the highest level of destruction of log 6 equivalent to sterilization. This means that the probability of a microorganism surviving in active or latent form is 1 in 1 million, or in other words, it destroys 99.9999% of viable microorganisms.

The surface structures of the microorganisms (proteins, carbohydrates and lipids) are destroyed by oxidation with the consequent death of the microorganism. Finally, hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water at the end of the decontamination process, without generating any toxic or hazardous residues such as ozone or formaldehyde. This technology has a very wide range of material compatibility; the vast majority of electro-medical equipment is compatible with peroxide decontamination.

The other great advantage over other systems such as peroxide mist or UV light is that they do not access shaded areas, but the vapor expands and floods the entire room, reaching every corner.

Hydrogen peroxide vapor vs. CoVID-19

Surface contamination is implicated in the transmission of certain viruses, including coronavirus, and surface decontamination is an effective measure to minimize the spread of these agents.

In April 2014, a study was published in “The Journal of Hospital Infection” evaluating the virucidal efficacy of Bioquell brand HPV-AQ hydrogen peroxide. The study evaluated the in-vitro efficacy of the of peroxide vapor for the inactivation of various virus structures that could positively impact the health sector, including: feline calcivirus (FCV), human adenovirus type 1, transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV: a type of coronavirus that causes acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV surrogate), avian influenza virus (AIV) and swine influenza virus (SwIV).

The findings showed that after exposure to Bioquell’s HPV-AQ peroxide, viruses that were previously present were not detected. (1)

The technology has also been evaluated by the UK Government’s Biosecurity Commission at theCentre for Emergency Preparedness and Responseresearch center in Porton Down, using the non-enveloped surrogate MS2 phage virus, achieving total inactivation of this virus. (2) y (3)

Respiratory viruses can contaminate surfaces and survive for long periods of time on them. Effective disinfection is essential to stop transmission, however, this is not always achieved with conventional cleaning and disinfection.

HPV-AQ peroxide is a vapor-phase disinfection method that has a virucidal effect on various virus structures.

It achieves levels of efficacy unmatched by cleaning methods or other disinfection technologies. It is uniform throughout the treated area and is not limited to visible surfaces or easily accessible spaces.

Biodecontamination service with Bioquell’s technology can be contracted to eradicate coronavirus from a single room, multiple locations or an entire building. HPV-AQ peroxide can kill pathogens with a sporicidal effectiveness of log 6 and is registered as a virucidal product authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Health under Registration Number 17-20/40/90-08737.

The process affects the entire treated area, generates no waste, is compatible with most electronic devices, and is effective on a wide variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

The service allows the microbiological integrity of the treated area to be restored and includes planning, coordination, necessary equipment and validation of the biodecontamination cycle with biological and chemical indicators. At the end of the service, a report is issued confirming the log reduction of log 6 microorganisms.

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Materials compatible with hydrogen peroxide that may be in the same room during the performance of the service are listed.

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The efficacy of hydrogen peroxide for different types of microorganisms is listed.

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Safety data sheet of the hydrogen peroxide used

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Safety data sheet for chemical indicators

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Material Safety Data Sheet for Biological Indicators


Hydrogen peroxide can against Ebola

Bioquell’s equipment uses hydrogen peroxide vapor to eliminate nosocomial infections as dangerous as the dreaded Ebola. An example is shown at the Dallas hospital.